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Of all families, we are the one’s blessed with sensitive noses! At times, it can be a blessing, but other times, not so much! You get the picture!

In fact, John (father, husband, and grandpa of our home), has what we refer to as the “bionic sniffer”; he can be driving up the driveway (by himself) and by the time he gets in the garage, you can hear him say, “who ate garlic?” We could all be in our bedrooms, or downstairs, and he will smell it from outside! The funny thing is, the culprit ate garlic 3 days before!

We all share this trait to some degree, which gives me the confidence in discussing fragrances!

As time has gone by, I’ve noticed there are more sensitivities to smells; allergies are ignited! The suffering from allergies can be brutal (I can relate), but then to those who don’t suffer and try their best to accommodate allergy sufferers, it is sad, as they truly love to smell pretty, have their homes smell calming, and just sincerely enjoy fragrance. There is no common ground.

For years, I’ve been on the search for something that I could enjoy being an allergy sufferer. I found many products that worked, but the price didn’t. Until I came across Scentsy! The prices worked and believe it or not, so did their fragrances. I was able to enjoy the beautiful aroma without sneezing and getting all plugged up. They are all natural products, which I believe contributes to the pleasure of being able to enjoy a comforting smell.

I’m sure there are many other products out there that can provide this enjoyment, but so far on our quest to find what works comfortably and financially, we have found a direct selling company called, Scentsy.

This post is to bring awareness to those who are looking for something they can tolerate. This will be an ongoing journey and we will provide updates as to our findings. We also share links on our “Direct Selling Information” page on this website, just in case you are looking for an option for yourselves.

We support all companies, whether you are in too direct sales, department stores, online boutiques, or DIY, we will post and support everyone and every company!

Summer’s Cozy Corner – Fragrance!

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt

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