Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle – Let’s Get Healthy Together!

Let’s Get Healthy!! I can’t think of anything more important to focus on, especially at this time in our lives. Health is so important! Strong immune systems are very important!

I can sit here and provide you with the same information that everyone is saying, “boost your immune system!” Which is the truth of the matter in today’s World! I’d like to take a moment to share with you a personal story on my experience in how quick it is to boost your immune system.

In 2004, my Mom was terminally ill with Cancer and also at that time, social media was not at our finger tips, like it is today. We wake up and there it is, staring right at us, anything we wanted to know without even looking for it; social media! Yes, we had the internet of course, but looking after my Mom took priority and I did not have time for searching around on different websites.

My Mom was admitted into the hospital and was told she had 4 to 48 hours to live; I had made a promise to her, I would not let her pass away in the hospital. I met with the Oncologist, who was the most informative person I could have met at that time, he advised I should increase her antioxidants as much as I could.

I know, why didn’t he tell me that sooner? Times were a bit different then, antioxidants were not floating around the internet as they are now; they were looked at as some kind of hippy thought and doctors did not dare recommend a holistic or alternative approach to helping cancer patients, at least where we were they did not.

Anyways…back to my story!

We were then transported to our home by ambulance where I began feeding my Mom all the antioxidants I could get my hands on; all fruits and vegetables needed to be in a baby food consistency, but I managed to get her to take it.

Remember when I said, the doctors had given her 4 to 48 hours to live, well my Mom lived for a month. The only thing I changed was I increased her antioxidants.

There is truth to healthy eating, to increasing your immune system through the food you eat, and in receiving the proper rest.

I’m sharing this with you because I sincerely care. Over time, Summer’s Cozy Corner will be sharing more information on this topic. We hope you find something that works for your lifestyle to help maintain great health.

Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle – Let’s Get Healthy!

Photo Credit: Nadine Primeau

7 thoughts on “Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle – Let’s Get Healthy Together!

    1. summerscozycornerlifestyle says:

      Thank you for your message; I did give her blueberries, plus darker fruits such as blackberries, raspberries, and I would put in a banana in there for texture and sweetness. At the time, she couldn’t eat much and it was advised to use darker berries because of her timeline.

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