Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle – Changing It UP!

Lifestyles are meant to be changed up, every now and then! Why not!

We are living in a New World with many changes happening – why not take this opportunity to change up your lifestyle.

When our New World started, I took a moment to reflect on what exactly was happening. I was in shock with what was happening in our World, but I also took time to reflect on how I was going to adjust to this New World. What did all of this mean for my life, my lifestyle, and my future! I Woke Up!

How easy it is for something to be taken from you without your consent. Think about it for just a minute; everything in your life that you thought you had control over has now been changed without warning.

Instead of falling into a depression about this new change of events, I decided to meet it head on. I said to my family, “if our lives are going to change, then we still have control as to how we accept the new challenge”; we decided to not give up.

We made a lot of changes in our lifestyle; choices in food (we made sure we ate more food that would increase our immune system), hobbies (we could no longer participate in playing sports or attending sporting events. We instead created new ones), careers (we had to say good-bye to a career that no longer was within the Stages. We became creative!), and how we were social (now that was a major adjustment, but we did it).

First and foremost, our lifestyle starts with our health and boosting our immune system. Second, boosting our mental state with lots of happiness and creativity. Third, boosting our souls with proper rest, relaxation, and positive thoughts. We need to support our bodies, our minds, and our souls! Healthy, healthy, healthy!!

This blog post is just the beginning of our journey in the New World! We will be bringing you many ideas that may just spark your own interests! Interests that you thought you didn’t have!

Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle is about sharing; we care about you! There is a lot more to come, a lot more to share, and a lot more to look forward too with Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle!

Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle – Changing It UP!

Photo Credit: Allison Heine

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