Calming Lifestyles


We have done a lot of thinking lately; what type of lifestyle is calming to us. What type of lifestyle brings us Peace? A lifestyle where we are following our heart.

We make sure, everything we do, is about a passion. Something inside that makes us come alive with excitement.

Believe it or not, when you are living your best lifestyle, it is not only exciting, but calming. You are making your mind, body, and soul content.

Whether you love plants or not, whether you love color or white walls, you love an online career or you prefer to go to an office building, or you love the minimalist approach to life, or whether you love the bohemian flare; your lifestyle should embrace you with a warm hug, just like the picture we are using in this post.

The bottom line, it is about happiness; not greed, not envy, and especially not keeping up with the next door neighbor. It isn’t about trying just to make a buck, because your choice in a career isn’t what someone else would want. Instead, it is about loving what you do and being the best you can possibly be for yourself. Then everything else will fall into place.

That is what a calm lifestyle is; whatever you decide to do with your lifestyle, do it with love and do it with your heart.

Summer’s Cozy Corner – Calming Lifestyles

Photo credit: Jen P.

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